4 Small Actions to Help Save the Environment

For years now, we’ve heard about the threat of global warming. And the issue is just continually growing over time. There are a lot of things that we do in our daily lives that contribute negatively to our environment. Simply using plastic bags, ordering coffee in a plastic container, throwing away a fresh piece of paper all add up to worsening the condition of global warming.

But people are also becoming more aware of how their small actions are impacting the environment. So instead of doing destructive things, people are changing up their routines and lifestyles to be more environmentally-friendly. Groceries are now beginning to prefer paper bags over plastic. The use of disposable straws is now limited. These small things, when they all add up, can make a big change and help save the environment.

Change starts with you. Simply making some minor tweaks in your lifestyle will make you a part of the effort to save mother earth. Here are some small actions you can do.

Reduce your plastic consumption

Plastic is one material that’s causing the most destruction to the environment. It takes a very long time before this material decomposes, so it clogs landfills for years. We don’t really notice it, but we might be using a lot of plastic in our day to day lives. In fact, a single trip to the grocery store can yield more than three used plastic bags.

The key is to be wary of your plastic consumption. We can make small tweaks like bringing a reusable carry bag on your next trip to the store or carrying around a water jug instead of buying disposable bottled water. This will do a lot in terms of reducing the use of plastic.

Drive less

The gas and smoke produced by our cars when we drive are harmful to the environment. One car might not have a huge impact, but the millions of vehicles on the road every day sure do! Do your best to limit the use of your personal car. Opt for public transportation or carpool instead.

If you don’t have to travel a very far distance, biking or walking is also a good idea. Not only will you contribute to saving the environment, but you’ll also be benefiting your physical health and well-being through exercise.


Reduce the use of electricity

The more electricity we use up, the more we’re harming the environment. We should, as much as possible, reduce our energy consumption. Simple things like turning off the lights when not in use, laying off the air conditioner, or turning off the television when nobody’s watching will have a big impact. Not to mention that these will also help you cut down on your utility expenses!

You also might want to consider changing your regular light bulbs to energy-efficient ones. These are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective options.


Instead of throwing away things we don’t use anymore, it would be more ideal to practice recycling. Scratch papers, plastics, cardboard, and other materials can all be recycled and put to good use. Recycling will help reduce the clutter and trash clogging our landfills.

We might think that the little things we do have no impact on the environment. But if all 7 billion people in the world had the same mindset, these small actions will contribute big things. Instead of causing destruction, let’s all make the necessary changes to help save the environment.

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